Path Innovation of Traditional Creation Regeneration Design From Style to Mode


  • Xiaoli Zhang*


In the era of globalization, Internet science and technology are booming, and heterogeneous
cultures need mutual respect, equality and harmonious dialogue in order to better protect the diversity of
cultures of all ethnic groups in the world. How to produce "new non-legacy" in the rapid development of
modern science and technology is worthy of deep thinking. The purpose of this paper aims at carrying out
the research on the regeneration design of traditional creation by re-understanding the view of creation in
ancient China. According to the prior experience of Chinese design, the internal logical relationship between
"style" and "mode" in Huizhou is investigated in the framework of design from four aspects of
methodological research, including the aesthetic and lyric way, ethics and hierarchy way, technology and
practical use way, and social activity way. Case law is used to provide reference for the regeneration design
path of traditional creation wisdom, and then to inject modern design genes into the connection between
modern science and technology and traditional wisdom.