Design and Fabrication of Portable Peanut Peeling Machine for small farmers


  • Jayant Nalawade, Dr.R.J.Patil, Pankaj Bhokare, Priyanka Chavann


This paper features an attempt to design and fabricate a portable Peanut Peeling Machine. There
are plenty of small farmers farming on small lands and their gross yield is also comparatively small. The
portable peanut peeling machine is helpful to reach the unreached parts of small villages having small yield.
The machine is scaled for relatively smaller yield by reviewing the previously published articles and
fundamental theories. The paper includes the design of different parts of the machine considering all forces
and its functions. The design software used for modelling is Catia V5 and fabricated as per the design. After
testing of five samples of peanuts for peeling activity it gives 250 Kg/Hr capacity with 81.5% peeling
efficiency. This Machine can save time, energy and tremendous manpower with low financial investment.