Technology-Enriched Teaching in Support of Quality Education in the 21st Century Skills

  • Helen B. Boholano, Vincent Theodore M. Balo, Angeline M. Pogoy, Rivika Alda


The shifting education paradigms calls for 21st century skills which include collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity (4Cs). Thus, basic education teachers are prompted to adapt the imperatives of 21st century skills and innovate in response to new demands to attain and sustain quality education. The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of technology-enriched teaching in support to Quality Education in the 21st Century. The teachers were capacitated and empowered by qualified trainers to integrate relevant digital technology in the teaching and learning process. This study utilized qualitative method through the Logic Model of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework. The logic model was used in theory-based evaluation which is designed to explicitly articulate the underlying theory of change that shapes a transformational extension project. Results revealed that quality education can be achieved through technology-enriched teaching. Therefore, the adaption and utilization of the numerous digital technologies in the 21st century teaching and learning has brought significant changes in instructional delivery and outcomes.

Keywords-technology-enriched teaching, quality education, 21st century skills, 4Cs, logic model