Migration: A Psychological Outlook, Broader Perspectives on Vulnerable Conditions

  • Akhila Chandran, Haritha S


Being the first mammals every conversion, synthesis and, dynamics gave rise to a much high pattern. This synthesis combined with our ancestral culture is the gist of every pattern and ethnicity. A time of retracing, existence, and development of every creed, acts, and drive is a product of social force. The proximity and sequestration attached to being vulnerable would never require a convex plain. By adapting to every pattern of reality we fill the void through every labor and necessities. Clutching the feet and slowly gliding through opacity, the nomads were once encoding every single step. The fluidity of the situation is never traced as it was an invisible force of the favorable and unfavorable. Inhabiting a diasporic identity, an individual has to either gain assimilation or acculturation into the host culture. The main ingredient of the dispute and detaining of the individual can lead to repercussions ranging from the disparity in culture to the tussle of the psyche which is never to be ignored. The crossing factors among various cultures prove to be a loss for the individual and their mannerisms which might lead to psychological outcomes. This paper attempts to probe deep into cognitive issues by examining the migrational aspects through the movies titled ‘Varathan' and ‘C U Soon.’ Tracing the impact of this relocation and the inability of inhabitation we have trailed the migration series by Jacob Lawrence a picturesque representation of the transcendence and the lack of vitality of expatriates.

    Keywords: Assimilation, Acculturation, Diaspora, Vulnerability, Cognitive.