Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Al6082 Stir Casted Composite

  • Pooja Angolkar, Prudhviraj Pothamshetty, Dr.R.Venkat Reddy


In this article,Al6082/Silicon Carbide composite has been synthesized through stir casting by controlling certain parameters of casting. Silicon Carbide powder having an APS less than 10 microns is tried. Three different compositions of SiC were considered having weight proportions as 2.5%,4.5%and 6.5% respectively . For each composition 3 specimen were taken and observation of the cast samples were carried out by using SEM. Micro structural observations of the specimens can be studied, taking the distribution of the reinforced particles into consideration. The mechanical properties of Al6082 Aluminum alloy discontinuously-reinforced with fine SiC particles are discussed in particular. Tensile properties ,Wear rate, Hardness property of cast samples can be studied for all above mentioned compositions .It is observed that homogeneity has improved with higher stirring speeds, there is a significant improvement in tensile properties ,hardness and decline in wear rate can be observed with addition of weight percentage of Silicon carbide 

Keywords- Al6082/SiC , SEM, wear, hardness, tensile properties, tensile fracture surface topography