Contribution of Professional Attitudes to Managerial Practices of Public School

  • Sulaiman Samad


This research was conducted to obtain an empirical picture of professional attitudes practices and managerial to determine the contribution of professional attitudes towards managerial practices the Public Elementary School principal in Pangkep Regency. The research was conducted on the public elementary school’s principal in Pangkep Regency, which involved 38 respondents. Data variables were collected using a questionnaire then processed with descriptive data analysis techniques and simple regression. The results of the study showed: the professional attitude of the Public Elementary School principal based on the knowledge, feelings, and tendencies the principals possessed was at a strong level that they would carry out the main tasks and functions by referring to the dimensions of planning, implementing and evaluating; the managerial practices of the Public Elementary School principal  is generally at the level of  often performing its main tasks and functions by referring to the functions of planning, implementing, and evaluating; professional attitudes contributed significantly to managerial practices of the  Public Elementary School principal. 

Keywords- Professional attitudes, managerial practices, and principals.