Study on the Influence of Grassland Highway Straight Section Landscape Environment on Drivers' eye Movement Index

  • SHANG Yan, ZHU Shoulin, QI Chunhua


To study the influence of landscape environment on drivers' eye movement index in straight section of grassland highway, simulation driving experiment method was adopted, two-lane second-class grassland highway was designed to simulate real road conditions. 5 different landscape environments were set according to 1-5 /km,40 subjects were selected for the experiment, four eye movement sensitive indexes including blink duration, fixation duration, pupil diameter and scan range were extracted, the change law of driver’s eye movement index under different landscape environments was quantified.It was found that the relationship between the amount of information and eye movement index was U-shaped by taking the derivative of the conic in terms of quasi combination. The results showed that visual stimulation effect of 4 /km environment was good, in this environment, the change rate of driver eye movement index was the largest,extraction information was the most; When the information density was greater than or less than 4 /km, the change rate of driver eye movement index would decrease, the results were consistent with the subjective evaluation results. The results could provide reference for improving and optimizing the design of grassland highway landscape environment.