Adaptive Intelligent Recommendation System Based on Personality Mining and Knowledge Graph in An Online Learning Environment

  • Zhenglin Ni, Fangwei Ni


This article reviews the recent research work and sum up shortcomings in existing intelligence recommendation systems. Then, we comprehensively examined the various elements of individual characteristics and online teaching methods. Individual characteristics include more than 30 indicators in 6 aspects. There are more than 10 online teaching methods for intelligent selection. Next, we use data mining technology to comprehensively mine students' personalized features and online learning time features; define multiple node ontology in knowledge graph (KG) and construct a three-layer digital KG model; design two-level intelligent matching, pruning and anti-transition pruning Algorithms based on personalized learning space-time features and teaching methods; give the method of system adaptive dynamic update and development based on environment perception and the overall functional framework of the system. Finally, experimental results validate the effectiveness of our recommendation system. The value of our achievements mainly includes: understanding students' characteristics comprehensively in intelligent education research; cross-language application; further improving the recall rate and precision rate; realizing customized intelligent recommendation of “one person, one teaching”; multi-faceted machine learning and self-development of intelligent recommendation system.