Application of college basketball training teaching based on sports video analysis under Network Multimedia

  • Ziyu LIU


As a new teaching model, multimedia technology has been widely used in basketball teaching in colleges and universities, and this teaching mode can not only drive the students’ enthusiasm to learn and master basketball and related technological level, and at the same time, it can also improve students’ ability to enjoy the game and make more contributions to the basketball career of our country. To make up for the deficiencies of the modern physical exercise training video analysis system, a new physical exercise video analysis system was proposed. Then the functional requirements of the physical exercise training video analysis system were analyzed comprehensively, and then the digital processor was taken as the core of the system to realize the data collection, storage and target tracking of physical exercise training video. After that, the interconnecting mode of multimedia structure and digital processor was introduced, the target tracking model of physical exercise training video based on Markov chain was given, and the synchronous playback of physical exercise training video and the development of synchronous tracking function of multiple dynamic targets were achieved through VStudio. Finally, the experiments showed that the physical exercise training video analysis system designed in this paper had a stronger target tracking ability, and the use cost was relatively low.