Analysis of industrial economy driving regional economy development based on regional big data analysis

  • Chun Hu, Jianhua Zhou


- since the reform and opening up, China has delivered satisfactory answers in economic construction and social development. However, due to historical and geographical reasons, China's economic development is very unbalanced. The annual GDP of some eastern coastal areas is ten times that of the western backward areas. At the same time, the economic level of administrative regions at the provincial level does not match the corresponding financial ecosystem The phenomenon is very common. This paper puts forward the architecture design of regional industrial economy big data platform and the application service concept of "industrial economy +", and discusses in detail the composition, data system, main functions and application characteristics of the platform. The platform has a high degree of expansibility. It integrates Internet economic data and economic data of relevant institutions, supports diversified visual expression, and combines with geographic information technology to generate industrial economic map. It can intuitively, scientifically and accurately reflect the context of regional economic development and the status quo of industrial layout. It can be used for regional economic management departments at all levels, industry associations and key enterprises To provide service support and enhance the scientific analysis and decision-making ability of regional industrial development.