Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking: The Importance of Protecting User Data


  • Ahmad Mtair AL Hawamleh, Alorfi, Almuhannad Sulaiman M, Jassim Ahmad Al-Gasawneh, Ghada Al-Rawashdeh


Cyber ??risk is a danger or threat associated with the use of interconnected technological systems. This risk occurs when one or more of the three attributes of information namely confidentiality, integrity and availability is impacted. Essentially, cyber risk is an operational risk happening in cyberspace. Somehow, cybersecurity mechanisms are costly to implement. Meanwhile, resources for such implementation can be scarce to some companies. As a result, many organizations have opted to not implement cybersecurity policies and procedures in the prevention of cyber threats. Such decision increases the cyber risk level. In other words, financial losses can be incurred by the company should the sensitive information of its business users is impacted.The present study was to examine the importance of cybersecurity and the use of ethical hacking techniques for user data protection through the characterization of globally established standards and techniques for organizations to apply, in the prevention of likely cyber threats while assuring user data protection.

KeywordsCybersecurity; Ethical Hacking; Cyber Risk; Data Protection.