Optimized PSO Technique Based PID Controller for Load Frequency Control of Single Area Power System

  • V.Kumarakrishnan, G.Vijayakumar, D.Boopathi, K.Jagatheesan, S.Saravanan, B.Anand


In this article Particle swarm optimization (PSO) technique is recommended to single area multi-sources power generating system to overcome the Load frequency control (LFC) crisis. In this research work Proportional - Integral - Derivative (PID) controller is employed as a subsidiary regulator for the power generating system. The proposed power network includes thermal, hydro, gas, and nuclear, photovoltaic (PV) systems with an energy storage device. During unpredictable load change conditions, the system frequency deviates from the standard values, to maintain the quality of the power system the LFC scheme is applied. PSO technique based regulator is developed and demonstrated for the above proposed multi-source power system. The supremacy of the proposed technique is validated by comparing the performance with conventional tuned PID controller performance. The supremacy of the suggested controller performance is demonstrated by analyzing time domain specification parameters. The distinction specifically shows that the PSO – PID controller is best in terms of fast settling of frequency oscillation, limited peak overshoot values, and undershoots.

Keywords: Particle - Swarm - Optimization, Proportional - integral - derivative controller, Load frequency control, Settling time, Frequency deviation.