Real-time Autonomous Robot for Object Tracking using Vision System


  • Qazwan Abdullah, Nor Shahida Mohd Shah, Mahathir Mohamad, Muaammar Hadi Kuzman Ali, Nabil Farah, Adeb Salh, Maged Aboali, Mahmod Abd Hakim Mohamad, Abdu Saif


Researchers and robotic development groups have recently started paying special attention to autonomous mobile robot navigation in indoor environments using vision sensors. The required data is provided for robot navigation and object detection using a camera as a sensor. The aim of the project is to construct a mobile robot that has integrated vision system capability used by a webcam to locate, track and follow a moving object. To achieve this task, multiple image processing algorithms are implemented and processed in real-time. A mini-laptop was used for collecting the necessary data to be sent to a PIC microcontroller that turns the processes of data obtained to provide the robot's proper orientation. A vision system can be utilized in object recognition for robot control applications. The results demonstrate that the proposed mobile robot can be successfully operated through a webcam that detects the object and distinguishes a tennis ball based on its color and shape.