Comparative Analysis of Code Optimization Techniques with Eminent Applications (Tools)

  • Prof. T.B.Patil, Ms. Aditi Shashank Joshi, Prof. P.A.Jadhav, Prof. S.H.Patil, Prof. S.D.Joshi


This There are different tools through which we can detect the error present in the source code and reduce them to optimize the code; Further optimization techniques can be minimize the errors identify in optimization techniques. There are different optimization techniques to detect the clone which are not able to tackle easily by only some tools. This paper presents the idea about code optimization (what basically code optimization technique is about), different types of optimization technique such as clone, Dead code and invariant code motion moreover what are the drawback and advantages of different techniques for better code development furthermore covers the whole idea of how three of the optimization techniques works. This paper also compares different latest tools (presently acknowledged) for code optimization and which are is trending in market, This paper is also concentrated on a survey regarding latest working principles of code optimization techniques and tools as well as it helps to figure out the most excellent technique, which will help the author to identify the most modern and the finest tool for unite into solitary application.