Comparative Study on the Characteristics of Indoor Space Organization of Shanxi Traditional Dwellings Based on Computer Technology

  • Rui He


Traditional dwellings are treasures left in the land of China. Ancient villages have profound historical accumulation and are the carrier of regional culture and national culture. This paper takes the point cloud data of building surface model as the main research object. Morse theory, which is used to express the topological information of 2D scalar field, is applied to feature extraction of 3D building model. The reliability and feasibility of the algorithm are analyzed through experiments. Compared with the original number of 763211, the point cloud number is reduced by 79.78%. At the same time, the characteristics of Shanxi traditional dwellings are analyzed by modeling, and the cultural connotation is analyzed. Through the investigation, the proportion of cave building type in the total number of buildings is about 23%, tile house is about 46%, and stone house is 18% Decoration, in order to provide a basis for the study of traditional cultural heritage.