The National Culture in the Art Appreciation Course and Its Importance to the Improvement of College Students’ Quality

  • Wang Ran, Hao Cui Yun


At present, the “Art Appreciation” course is set up at many colleges and universities as a computational course. The purpose of this course is to further promote the comprehensive artistic accomplishment of college students. The article analyzes the traditional aesthetic ideas of traditional Chinese culture in conjunction with the content of related “Art Appreciation”. The study of this paper stems from the requirements put forward by modern quality education in China. Meanwhile, it is also where the responsibility of the relevant aesthetic educators lies. It can further promote the improvement of college students’ aesthetic feelings and awareness and promote the cultivation of their personality.

The foundation of building socialist spiritual civilization is the national culture, which should be linked with the teaching of fine arts in colleges and universities to further promote students' perceptions of diversified national cultures and gradually form a consciousness of artistic innovation. This paper combines the links between art teaching and the spread of national culture as a starting point to study the role of national culture in promoting art appreciation to the overall quality of college students.