Research on Interactive Creation of Computer-Aided Music Teaching

  • Ye Huang


: In order to improve the artificial intelligence of interactive creation in music teaching, a design scheme of interactive creation platform based on computer aided music teaching is proposed. The interactive authoring platform of computer-aided music teaching is developed in embedded Linux root file system. The interactive creation platform of music teaching mainly includes music teaching resource scheduling module, instruction loading control module, and so on. The multimedia tuning module, bus data transmission module, upper computer interface module and man-machine interaction module are used to realize the intelligent information management of music teaching interactive creation resource information data by using voice multimedia recognition technology. The interactive authoring platform of program loading and music teaching is controlled by instruction loading control mode, and music teaching resources scheduling, information compiling and data storage design are carried out in cloud computing environment. The design of music speech recognition algorithm for creative optimization design, in the Visual C++ environment to achieve computer-assisted music teaching interactive creation platform development. The simulation results show that the interactive creation platform of the music teaching has higher efficiency, higher level of creation, better stability of the platform and better quality of interactive creation of music teaching.