A Study on the Work-Life Balance of Female Employees in Education Sector with Special Reference to Private Schools in Guwahati City

  • Vaneela Rani Das


Maintaining Work life Balance is one of the most challenging issues that employees face nowadays. Female employees particularly, face this problem to a great extent compared to their male counterparts owing to the incessant family demands and increasing responsibilities both at home and at the workplace. Education sector has for a long time now been a great source of employment with the female employees taking up the lead in this sector. There are many female employees working as teachers in schools, both public and private. However, without having proper work life balance it becomes difficult for a female employee to go about her work in the long run eventually causing her to live a life full of stress, increased absenteeism, low productivity and in the worst case scenario, resign from jobs. This paper attempts to find out how female employees working in private schools maintain a balance between their work life and personal life. This paper is descriptive in nature and the data was collected from primary as well as secondary sources.

Keywords: Work life Balance; Female Employees; Education Sector; Private School