Verification of 235U by using MCNP code with comparison MGAU analysis software for the enriched uranium (%4.462) in different distance

  • S. Makhloufa, Howaida Mansourb,c, Atef El-Tahera


The verification was based on non-devastating (ND) measurements of gamma radiation emitted from nuclear matters (NM). Also, based on the Multi Group Analysis software (MGAU) method. The current procedure might be very useful for safeguards purposes. In the Monte Carlo method is a simulation of practical experience. the absolute efficiency value of the energy value was calculated by the Monte Carlo method simulates. The count rate was measured by a high-purity germanium detector in the least time. The value of Uranium-235 mass is calculated and compared to what is declared by the operator of the nuclear facility. And whether the validity of his declaration is verified. All the obtained results based on MCNP5 were in agreement with the declared values within relative precision (1.78, 1.74 and 1.8%) for three different distances (14, 16 and 18.3), respectively. The relative precision obtained from MGAU was (2.96, 2.78 and 3.065%) for these different distances, respectively. But the relative precision is relatively large in case MGAU. From the above we can say that, The Monte Carlo method fits the measurement conditions of the inspector and also the conditions for normal measurements are therefore better than MGAU method.