The Effects of Scarcity and Psychological Ownership on Consumer Behavior

  • Qingwei Zhong


Along with the widespread utilizationof mobile social media, scarcity marketing has beenfrequently deployed to stimulate consumer purchasing behavior. therefore, this paper conducts research on the influenceof scarcity on consumers' purchasing intention. the results indicate that scarcity does have a positive impact on consumers' willingness to buy through psychological ownership. Furthermore,whether the mediation mechanism ofscarcity - psychological ownership - willingness to buy is moderated by self-construal, that is, independent self-construalcan enhance the positive effect of scarcity on willingness to buy, while interdependent self-construal weaken scarcity - psychological ownership effect, is explored; yet the moderation effect is not statistically significant. This paper explores how scarcity affects consumers' purchase intentions through psychological ownership, deconstructs product scarcity andexpands relevant research, and provides decision-making suggestions for companies to formulate scarcity marketing strategies andfor consumers to improve their scarcity consumption rationality.