Factors Affecting the Quality on the Health Information System users among the Yemeni Hospitals

  • Ebrahim A A Ghaleb, P D D. Dominic, Ibrahim Mohamed, Ahmed Almaghthawi, Ammar AL-Ashmori


A health information system (HIS) is success system has attracted many intersections of researchers to analysis the factors that affect the health information systems users (HISU) to deliver better healthcare services.  inside the achievement model, until this day, there is no thorough model accessible for the accomplishment of the Health data framework (HIS), which considers the impact of (HISU) factors in non-developed countries. Therefore, the present Paper addressed this gap by proposing a success model which integrates the HIS quality and HIS user variables in the context of Yemen Hospitals.

 Methodology: A questionnaire have been distributed conducted for data collection. the questionnaires have been approach, questionnaires have been sent to employees to who using the health information system among the organization in Yemen, and has been distributed the questionnaires, a stratified sampling with a 7-point Likert scale used. Therefore, the healthcare system framework clients approve the coordinated model a quantitative technique was utilized in which a self-controlled organized poll was dispersed to one hundred and eighty users, under HIS specialties in seven hospitals in the capital Sanaa, Yemen. SPSS.VS.22.0 and AMOS VS.22 were utilized to plan and examine the model. The results revealed that the factors in the HIS users have positive effect on the health information system qualities (HISU).

Findings: The results of the logistic regression in this paper R Square value is 0.55 implies strong relationship between the dependent and the independent variables for each regression. Yemen as a developing country may adopt new technology for beneficial of daily activities in this challenging information society.

Keywords: Health Information System (HIS); Health information system users (HISU); Information Quality (IQ); system Quality (SQ); Service Quality (SRQ) and User Requirements (UR).