A Model for UnifiedAgile Business Intelligence

  • Norah S. Farooqi, Mohamed O. Khozium


Business Intelligence (BI) is a dominant trend today. It has been searched by many researchers through the last twenty years. However, when it comes to implementation, BI applications provide fewer features than expected or claimed in the literature. BI application should feature business analysis, decision-support, and sustainability.Although this topic has been studied many times in many papers, we still do not have a unified definition for BI nor fully featured BI model. In this paper, weredefine business intelligence in the light of the literature and the agile approach to assemble the standardsthat rule it. We aim to construct a unified model to engine an application programming interface (API) that can be implemented and integrated intoany BI featured application. The model employs artificial intelligence techniques to serve business purposes.Our methodology started by analyzing the considerations about BI and agile software development to elicit the standards. Then, we proceed to define the model and propose the mechanism and techniques to be used and the calculated method. This model aims to help BI researchers proceed in a unified lane instead of distributing the efforts in the repetitive details.  It alsoopens the road for developers and investors to a new global-oriented service-business.