Design and implementation of network learning platform based on the concept of physical education teaching design

  • Ye Yang, Zhe Wang, Yilin Dong


Considering the problems of traditional physical education in institutions of higher education, online multi-media teaching platform should be applied to physical education. Through the platform, traditional physical education and modern physical education can be organically integrated. Through multi-media teaching method, students can learn and mimic the movements of physical education easier. Therefore, by using campus network, Internet technology, multi-media technology and communication technology, a multi-media online teaching platform which serves as an auxiliary means of physical education will be of practical meaning. At the moment, most countries are encouraging long-distance education. Globalization and high efficiency of education make long-distance education easier to realize. Because physical education is unique, the paper emphasizes the importance of applying multi-media online teaching platform to physical education - by reasonably and scientifically applying multi-media online teaching platform, we can make traditional teaching and online teaching supplement one another