A Comprehensive Study on Sybil Attacks and Its Defence Mechanisms in Internet of Things


  • Mr. S. Alexander Suresh, Dr. R. Jemima Priyadarsini


The technology which is most changing the world right now is Internet of Things (IoT). As it is seeing the sunshine now, it has got a lot of issues to deal with. One such and the most intriguing deal is called the sybil attack.  Sybil attackers can employ fraudulent identities or misused pseudo-identities to agree among the success of the IoT and also to disseminate spam. Many protection defensive mechanisms are employed primarily based on particular assumptions of identification and are susceptible to assaults while these assumptions are violated. The sybil assault is essential inconvenience in numerous frameworks and it has so distant stood up to an all around important arrangement. This comprehensive study explores on different form of sybil attack and their defensive mechanisms inside the Internet of Things.