Hybrid Elliptic Curve Based Bio-Hash Function Sign-Cryption for Big Data Privacy and Security in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • R. Gopi, G. Geethamahalakshmi, B. Jegajothi, M. Ramkumar Raja


Increasing numbers of people, sensors and computers link digital networks that share data, view, transfer and interpret data. The phenomenon of heterogeneous data production is known as broad data. Although the additional comfort of Big Data is advantageous, people often face direct challenges to data privacy and security. Big data is immense and hence you need an appropriate system for defence. In order to provide an efficient single stage, signcryption technology blends encryption with signature. The chosen encryption protection and message security are two essential features when grappling with data security risks. This means that an appropriate mechanism to solve these issues is incredibly necessary. Here we give signature based on the cryptography and the biohash feature of hyperelliptic curves. The protection of the scheme proposed is tested using the logic of Burrows-Abadi-Needham. Furthermore, considering big data protection in Wireless Sensor Networks as a topic, it should not only be taken into consideration when designing and integrating an environment for big data, but over the entirety of its life cycle, including activities and in particular when coping with and reacting to accidents. This article offers a case report focused on a response mechanism sponsored by a private blockchain wireless sensor networks in the big data ecosystem. To this end, this paper provides a case study. The use of blockchain helps to improve the data privacy, immutability and traceability of stored data.