A Study on Occupational Safety and Health in Garment Industry

  • Mr.P.Venkataraman, Dr. P.Prathap, Dr. P.Sivaprakash, Dr. S.Kanchana


Occupational safety and health is the sector that encompasses the safety, well-being and protection of working community. The occupational safety and health initiatives focus at providing a secured and protected work environment to the workforce. The condition of garment workers pertaining to health and safety are studied in this article. The study focuses on the health and safety related issues concerned with fire risk as well as fire accidents to evaluate issues during and after work which impacts the physical and mental health of the workers. Majority of the workers are not educated and promoting occupational health and safety in the textile industry is not easier and little attention is paid by the management. To prevent the health problems of workers in the textile industry, it is important for workers to have awareness on the various work related risks at the workplace. It is important that the industry undertakes sufficient precautionary measures to safeguard its workers against unsafe working conditions.

Keywords- occupational health; hazards; safety; work; health risks; accidents.