Models of Leadership in Information Technology Projects

  • Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary , Waheeb Abu-Ulbeh ,Ahmed Hassan Hassan , M. Hafiz Yusoff* , Seita Almandeel , Bishwajeet Pndey


The present study contains an empirical effortcarried out to identify the successful styles of
leadership for those managing the Information Technology/Systems projects (i.e., managers). The aptness of
transformational leadership alongside other critical success factors was examined in this work, and the
attained outcomes demonstrate that the behaviours associated with transformational and technical leadership
existing in combination appears to change the effectiveness of transactional leadership, leading to
greatsuccess of project. Notably, a specific style of leadership that is considered as fitting for every context
of project is yet to be discovered. Hence, to improve the effectiveness of leadership, the present study
recommends the application of a style which ischaracterised by behavioural charisma, intellectual
stimulation, organisational catalyst, and behaviours of contingent reward.