Implementation of Heuristic Algorithm for Multi-Cloud Security

  • Logapriya E, Vijayalakshmi K


Cyber security mechanism is depends on cacophonous informationand on the distributed storage offered by the progressively widespread notion of multi-clouds. Specifically, To propose a semantically-grounded information cacophonous mechanism that is able to mechanically notice items of data which is able to cause cyber security risks and split them on native premises, so as that every piece does not incur in those difficult; then, piece of clear data square measure severally hold on into the separate locations of a multi-cloud, so as that external entities cannot have access to the complete confidential information. As a result of partial data is hold on in clear on cloud location, outsourced options square measure seamlessly and with efficiency supported by simply broadcasting queries to the assorted cloud locations. To enforce a powerful cyber security notion, our proposal depends on a cyber security model that provides a priori security guarantees; to create secure its feasibleness, we have a tendency to have designed heuristic algorithms that minimize the amount of cloud storage locations we require; to denote it potential and generality, we have applied it to the littlest quantity structured and most difficult information type: plain matter documents.