Data storage model of electronic insurance policy based on Hyperledger Fabric

  • LIU Jialan, YU Wanjun


Aiming at the problems of excessive data storage pressure and low storage efficiency in some blockchain systems, this article uses electronic insurance policies as an example to design an electronic insurance policy data storage model and data verification method based on Hyperledger Fabric. The data storage structure of blockchain plus off-chain database is proposed, user data is stored in the local database of the node, and the hash value after data encryption is stored in the blockchain network. When querying user data, by hashing the local data again, the obtained hash value is compared with the hash value queried on the blockchain to verify whether the data has been illegally tampered with. Finally, the performance test and security analysis of the model are conducted through simulation experiments. The experimental results show that the model can store user data safely and efficiently, and can provide reference for the further combination of blockchain technology and insurance security.