A Systematic Analysis of Android Malware Detection Techniques

  • Sandeep B L, Koushik S, Gouri Gavimath, Lalitha L A


With the rapid rise in smartphones, apps have become a part of people’s daily lives. From education to shopping or from entertainment to games, we have apps for everything. Android is one such operating system that is growing every day in technical world development. The increase in the use of Android smartphones attracts malicious attacks also increase. Hence the security of Android devices also has become a critical issue. Android malware detection and prevention of malware and protecting the devices from it is a serious issue that every user and provider must face. This paper is an extensive study of various literature. This paper brings out a review of different malware and approaches used to detect malware and preventive measures. This paper reports detecting malware such as Static, Dynamic, Hybrid, Permission, Behavioral-based, and generic methods. This study will help the researchers working on a specific area to narrow down their research based on the various strategies presented here.

Keywords-Android malware detection techniques, Mobile applications, Mobile devices, Malicious software, Deep-learning in Android