Research on the Embodiment of Liangshan Yi Ethnic Elements in Interior Soft Design Based on Computer renderings

  • Wan Zhenzhen,Zeng Ziyi


With the progress of society and the improvement of people's quality of life, the household industry has been paid more and more attention. Soft decoration, as a new decorative technique for modern people to express their personality and emotion, has also been favored by people. It is of far-reaching significance to show the uniqueness of Liangshan Yi minority culture, publicize and inherit Liangshan Yi characteristic culture by integrating Liangshan Yi characteristic soft clothes design into interior design and designing Buyi style soft clothes. Based on computer renderings and semiotics as the breakthrough point, this paper focuses on the embodiment of Liangshan Yi cultural elements in interior soft-fitting design through modern semiotics theory. This paper attempts to provide a reference document for the reasonable combination of Liangshan Yi culture and interior soft design in the future, and attract more relevant people to pay attention to this research direction.