Simple Shear Testing of Sand a Novel Approach


  • Vamsi Kalyan Veerla, Kadali Srinivas, Kommu Suresh, SS.Asadi


In the modern day engineering testing most widely employed testing facilities are muffled cylinder, direct shear testing and direct simple shear apparatuses. Majority number of experimental data available is obtained by using these accommodations under various loading conditions. Nevertheless, there is one striking constraint in the experiments especially like in direct shear test, where the soil is allowed to be sheared along a single predetermined plane. Soil testing for the study of stress-strain-strength relationships for one directional loading. (Loading conditions, Stress-strain properties, Drainage conditions, Shear modulus, Creep test). To understand the effect of inequalities in the stress distribution for direct shear test in soils, in the present study the simple shear testing is utilized. The behavior of the soil when additional failure planes which is more than one as in the traditional direct shear testing methods is also observed in the current study.

Keywords: Simple Shear, Direct Shear Test, Normal Stress, Shear box, Displacement