Vocational Education Curriculum Evaluation Model Based on Big Data

  • Hu Xuefeng, Su Yanhua


The emergence of big data technology makes it possible to make formative evaluation of teachers' teaching effect and students' learning effect. Big data technology will change the teaching thinking of vocational education and affect the mainstream values of students. This will change the traditional mode of vocational education and carry out accurate personalized vocational education. Big data technology is also helpful for teaching quality evaluation to shift from rule-based to data-based, from small sample data to full data-based, so as to dig out the hidden value and connection of data. According to the characteristics of vocational education, this paper constructs a diversified evaluation system of vocational education teaching quality based on big data technology. This paper studies the algorithm of the diversified evaluation system of teaching quality, and puts forward the data visualization scheme of the evaluation results. The experimental results show that this method can improve the efficiency of vocational education and the accuracy of diversified evaluation data of teaching quality.