English Multimedia Teaching Resource Integration System Based on Constrained Clustering Algorithm

  • Zhan Wang, Xueqing Yue*


The implementation of Multimedia Network Assisted College English teaching needs to optimize and integrate the multimedia network technology resources and corpus resources, and fully tap the potential resources of mutual support between teachers and students. Only in this way can we make up for the defects of traditional English teaching and improve the teaching efficiency and quality. Based on this, this paper proposes an English multimedia teaching resource integration system based on constrained clustering algorithm. In order to realize the system, the use cases of the system are analyzed. On the basis of use case analysis, the function and overall architecture of the system are designed respectively, and the collaborative recommendation module is mainly designed. In order to improve the accuracy of recommendation, this paper uses constrained clustering algorithm to complete the integration of English multimedia teaching resources. The experimental results show that the system can improve the accuracy of recommendation matching and the integration efficiency of English multimedia teaching resources.