Socio-Economic Suitability of AAC Block in Nepal


  • Anjay Kumar Mishra, P. S. Aithal


The entire alternative given to society might not be accepted. Only technical parameters are not sufficient for distinguishing the acceptance or rejection of any alternative product to society. The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block (AAC) found technically suitable as alternative wall construction material. So, the aim of the paper is to analyze strength and weakness through acceptance and cost benefit of AAC Block at selected sites of construction in the Ward 10 and 11 of Bharatpur Metropolitan City of Nepal for the construction of   residential buildings and hotels.To obtain the data, purposive sampling was used. The qualitative and quantitative data were taken to achieve the objectives of the research. Schedule survey and interview with key informant were applied for data collection.  The study also presents various other comparisons based on the manufacturing process, spaces required and thermal insulation with regards to various literatures of both the present construction practices. After analysis of the collected data, recommendations are based on case studies. Use of AAC Block instead of Clay Bricks can save time and cost of buildings by 50% and 18% in single family units. So, AAC blocks are found acceptable and economic as alternative of bricks.