Performance analysis of wind energy conversion system in Micro grid


  • A.Nazar Ali, R.Essaki Raj, K.Premkumar, R.Jai Ganesh


In this paper, the autonomous power system operation control of micro grid is investigated. The micro grid system which consists of diesel generator, renewable energy sources, energy storage elements and load elements.  The objective of this project is to increase power system reliability using wind energy conversion system in micro grid.  The simulation of micro grid system with permanent magnet synchronous generator is driven by wind turbine is analyzed and verified using MATLAB Simulink toolbox. The overall system is tested for various wind speed historical data of Indian climate conditions. Finally Experiment verification of permanent magnet synchronous generation wind energy conversion system is carried out and different power quality parameters are analyzed.

Keywords-Permanent magnet synchronous generation; wind energyconversion system; wind speed;micro grid;power quality.