Pressure Analysis of Underground Seepage with Source by Kantorovich Method


  • Hao Kang, Jian Gao, Chao Fu, Zaizhou Wang, Xin Zhang, Aobei Gao


To consistently meet the requirements of oil and gas resources in the world, it is necessary to develop the computational techniques thus optimize the flow solution which can be good references for efficient oil and gas field development. Take the flow with source in rectangular area as an example, the accurate solution is firstly obtained by selecting one of its special solution and using the variable separation method. After that, the approximate pressure solution of different extent are obtained by introducing the Kantorovich method and using the way of integral equation. Comparison of approximate and accurate pressure solution shows that all the approximate solution can control the deviation to small scope which shows the effectiveness of Kantorovich method. Study can also be good references for the application of integral equation method to solve complicated flow problems in oil and gas development.

Keywords-Kantorovich Method?unsteady flow?approximate solution?numerical solution?integral solution