An Effective Model for Vendor Selection and Allotment of Order Quantities in Agile Supply Chain for Multiple Products and Multiple Suppliers in Manufacturing Industries


  • Lavanpriya C, Muthukumaran V, Senthilkumar KM


An operativesupplierselectionprocedure is important for agile supply chains to respond quickly for customer demand. This is required both to coordinate the market request and to switch quickly starting with one item then onto the next. These supply chains should be exceptionally adaptable to empower speedy reconfiguration because of changes in their condition. Therefore, the effectiveness of the Agile Supply Chain (ASC) can be optimized when suitable agile suppliers are identified. Further, quantity of order allocated to each potential agile supplier will reduce the budget of the buyer. In real-world situations, there are many techniques to select a supplier for ASC from the manufacturing industries. A grey based methodology is projected to manage Agile Vendor Selection issue, in which the weight and rating of measures of all vendors are portrayed by linguistic variables that can be communicated in Grey numbers. Goal Programming is applied to build up a multi-objective mixed-integer linear programming (MOMILP) model for order allotment that can optimize single buyer, multiple supplier, and multiple products by minimizing both the deviations of Budget and the total purchase value of the objective functions between the desired targets. In this work, considering the agile factors, and integrating the Grey theory and Goal Programming model for supplierand order distribution respectively, which increase the flexibility and effectiveness of the agile supply chain. Hence, the risk of the procurement activities tends to reduce. The plannedapproach is demonstrated with a statistical example and Goal programming has also been worked out with the help of lingo software. The sensitivity analysis of the planned model has similarly been presented. The advantages of this planned method are that facilitates long-term association between buyerthen suppliers, reduces risk of purchasing decisions and increase the flexibility of supply chain, reduce purchase cost and increase customer satisfaction.

 Keywords:        Agile Supply Chain (ASC), Multi-Objective Mixed-Integer Linear Programming(MOMILP), Goal Programming (GP), Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM), Total Value of Purchasing (TVP).