RFID based Intelligent Guide for Tourist

  • Dr. PHV Sesha Talpa Sai, Dr. Amiya Bhaumik, Julakanti Nishanth Reddy, Vineeth PA, Vinayaka Kambli, Dr. M. Sucharitha


Tourist guides are available at specific times alone and that too for few gangs of visitors. A great guide exhibit remarkabledistinctionamong anaverage and memorable museum experience. A skilled guide can easilyfascinate the audience with their narration. One issue is that there might be an absence of qualified guides. RFID supported tour assistant is expected to be an alternative for tourist guides to a certaindegree. RFID based intelligent traveller guide is an electronic hand-held device, that helps to switch traveller from one place to another. This can be a voice enabled system in which the voice board speaks out when the person travels from one place to a different place and also gives relevant data about this place. Once the traveller is standing close to significant tourist spots, itnotices RFID tag and can tune associate degree audio filepertinent to respectivespot. Itcan beaccomplished via putting a RFID receiver along traveler’s palm device. The data about the objects/places are played whenever the tourist reaches the particular place. In this proposed method, the data’s are stored both in audio and video format so that the tourist can understand the details about the object/places easily.