Ambient Air Quality and Noise Level Assesment in New-Born Intensive Care Unit, Emergency ICU and Paediatric ICU of JN Medical College and Hospital, Aligarh


  • Mohsin Anwer, Zeeshan Shahab, Imran Qayyum, Sohail Ayub


A study has been conducted at Jawaharlal Nehru (JN) Medical College & Hospital, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh to investigate the ambient indoor air quality and the noise level at three major units of the hospital. To Analyze the noise of the surrounding area in these units, the noise level is measured in terms of the equivalent sound pressure level, Leq [dB(A)] with the help of the sound meter, 2001(DL03). And the indoor air pollutants like PM10 (µg/m3), PM2.5(µg/m3), PM1(µg/m3), CO (ppm), CO2 (ppm), VOC (ppm), SOx(ppm) and NOx(ppm), etc. are measured by air quality monitor. The noise level at all these locations is not satisfactory because of many reasons like improper insulation, working of machines, services, and metal tray carts, etc. The air quality is under the safe limit for two units but the third unit is not up to the recommended level. Hence the preventive measures have been suggested to improve the environment of the hospital for the patient, visitors, and hospital staff.