Comparison on Design and Simulation of Multilevel Inverters


  • S. Caroline1, M. Marsaline Beno


The multilevel inverter configuration stands extensively used in most of the high power applications. The preferred alternating voltage level can appear at the output with numerous DC voltages levels at the input. This research work focuses on 2the analysis and comparison of different multilevel inverter topologies for DC to AC power conversion. The inverter circuits are designed and simulated by MATLAB SIMULINK. In the multilevel inverter design, MOSFET switches are used. The total harmonic distortion was measured with respect to various values of sinusoidal input in the PWM modulation scheme. The total harmonic distortion in nine level inverter designs was considerably low when compared with the other design topologies.

Keywords: DC voltage, AC voltage, Cascaded H – bridge multilevel inverter, harmonic distortion