Indie Citizen: The Creation of Identity and Space of New Citizens in the Future Society


  • Weeranuch Yamyim, Rasakorn Chaiwong, Phat Sartsin


The article on Indie Citizen: Creating the Identity and Space of the New Citizen in the Future Society is a study of the tactics or processes of opening up the space of indieness, to make the general public aware of the differences from what they’ve been known, create acceptance and understanding of differences through the actions and interpretations of indie citizens. Indie is a cultural form of Thai society, a secondary culture, a pop culture. The term popular culture for Thailand has many words, such as popular culture, mass culture, and people's culture. Also, trend culture is everything that is thought, perspective, attitude, image, imitation, and phenomenon. But it's not a mainstream culture that is built in the context of social leaders who want us to be or want us to follow that culture as a form of social control. On the other hand, the mainstream culture sees popular culture as a secondary culture. It is also seen as a culture that is different from the mainstream culture, a culture that has no honor and dignity and establishes its own culture as high culture.

Keywords- Creation of the Identity, Creation of a Space, Indie Citizens, Future Society