Analysis of Packaging Design of Personalized Products Driven by Big Data

  • Shi Bai


Big data mining technology, cloud computing technology, etc. have been rapidly developed in the context of the Internet Information Age, thereby significantly influencing packaging design and marketing of online and offline products. The key to production, transportation and sales of big data products lies in how to identify target customers and design language of products in the process of data information transmission facing the mass data, and innovate the design thinking of enterprises' project products in terms of packaging materials, forms and image vision. Starting from the technology environment of big data, supply chain, brand ecology, user experience and other aspects of fast-moving consumer products, we analyzed the packaging design ideas of products in different industries in this article. After discussing the differences between traditional packaging design and network packaging design, we proposed a series of product packaging design strategies based on consumer demand that can effectively enhance the aesthetic and economic values of packaging design.