On Simulative Training of Competitive Sports Based on Virtual Reality Technique

  • Xiaodong Wang, Fangmei Liu,Yonghong Hu


As a computer-based 3D model design and sports simulation technique, virtual reality technique involves knowledge of man-machine interface technology, multimedia technology, sensor technology, network technology, etc. Targeting on high-grade, precision and advanced technologies, modern competitive sports has also begun to make the best of internet technology to collect sports postures of sports athletes and ordinary sports enthusiasts. Then, three-dimensional graphics software such as Maya and 3D Max were adopted to establish sports models of sporters. Furthermore, the VR technique is used to guide a vast of sports audiences to participate in the auditory, visual, olfactory and tactile sensations of a certain sports activity. Focusing on such competitive sports as baseball, volleyball and gymnastics, we adopted Maya Creator, Open Scene Graph graphics engine and Bullet physics engine in this article to perform the design and real-time rendering of VR interactive models, which will greatly improve the training efficiency and applied economic benefits of competitive sports by constructing a simulation system for VR sports simulation training.