An Algorithm of Emitter Threat Evaluation Based on Improved TOPSIS in Electronic Probe

  • Haihan WANG , Siyi CHENG, Xiang CHEN, Yuheng XU ,


Aiming to solve problem of emitter threat evaluation on airborne platform, we propose an improved algorithm based on Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to an Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) method in this paper. Firstly, aiming at the data information of the enemy’s emitter that is probed in actual situation, we proposed the improved Criteria Importance Through Inter-criteria Correlation (CRITIC) method to assign weights objectively, which can analyze the degree of influence of different attributes on the evaluation process. Then, we measured the threat degree of different emitters by the improved TOPSIS method and sort the threat levels further. Simulation result shows that the algorithm proposed in this paper can effectively realize the threat evaluation of emitter. Comparing with traditional evaluation method, the result is more objective and accurate.