Understanding the Construction Management Consultants in Implementing Quality Management at Private Hospitals in Bali

  • Ida Ayu Kade Mahendrawati, Gede Sri Darma


In the construction industry development, construction management is an alternative management technique that combines the development process stages into a single unit or integration. Apart from cost and time, quality is also the goal of a project. The quality assurance program on a construction project ensures that the production period reaches the agreed quality objectives. There are several cases of construction failure, which are indeed very complex. If we look closely, mismanagement may occur, resulting in irregularities in almost all stages of planning, implementation, and maintenance. From this failure portrait, it is the background of this research, which tries to examine the extent to which the effectiveness of the application of the construction management system in the construction industry development process on the quality or quality aspects produced. The purpose of this study is to identify the construction management Consultant's intervention as the supervisor of a construction project, whether the Construction Management Consultant by applying systematic management, can achieve the objectives of the construction project. This research is a case study so that the research approach is qualitative in which the data collection techniques are field studies and literature studies. The main instrument in this study is the researchers. The entire research process was assisted by using NVivo 12 software, making it easier for researchers to classify data, identify and draw conclusions. This study indicates that almost 90% state that Quality and Time are the benchmarks in the duties and functions of the Construction Management Consultant. The most crucial finding is the cost problem, in which up to 75% of the cost problem can affect a construction project's quality.