Small-Signal Capacitance Characterization of Al-SiO2-pGaAs Metal Oxide Capacitor

  • Tin Tin Hla, Naing Aung Soe


The small-signal capacitance has been evaluated to model metal oxide semiconductor capacitor due to the small-signal variation of the applied voltage. The charge concentration of the oxide semiconductor interface is considered in accumulation, depletion, and inversion regions. The mathematical equations of small-signal capacitive behaviors are determined by the analytical model of Al-SiO2-pGaAs MOS-capacitor. In this paper, gallium arsenide semiconductor material is focused on the substrate semiconductor material. The numerical solutions of voltage-dependent capacitive characterization are based on computer-aided simulation.

Keywords-Gallium Arsenide; Metal-Oxide Semiconductor; Capacitor; charge concentration; Capacitance-Voltage Characteristics