Development of Concrete Admixtures and Their Application in Road Bridges


  • MingyuLu,Yan Sun,Ruting Li


Concrete admixtures, which is in order to distinguish mineral admixtures such as fly ash.In cement concrete, the technical and economic benefits of admixtures can be maximized. This technology has attracted attention at home and abroad and is now an indispensable part of concrete.The admixture can reduce the use of cement concrete in engineering, make concrete have more practical functions, and maintain good quality under various concrete engineering construction procedures to meet the individual needs of concrete during construction. Reduce the use of cement and reduce construction costs.This thesis is to study the types, properties, advantages and disadvantages of concrete admixtures, and applies the professional knowledge to studying the application of various concrete admixtures in road and bridge engineering to solve various concrete admixtures in real life. Some of the problems have made various concrete admixtures more widely used in road and bridge engineering.