Business Resilience Model of Regional Owned Enterprises of Jakarta Provincial Government

  • Ahmad Giffari, M. Syamsul Ma’arif, Arif Imam Suroso, Setiadi Djohar


Disruption era that happened nowadays in the world requires the organizations to be more responsive, innovative and adaptive. Moreover, the Government-owned business organization must be able to overcome threats become opportunites that finally can improve their performance. Regional Owned Enterprises (ROE) of Jakarta is a business entity that has strategic and business function which will always be faced on the turbulence internally and externally. This study is to design a business resiliency model in ROE of Jakarta. Data and information obtained through the study of literature to the previous studies combined with the knowledge of authors who currently works as an advisory of ROE in Government of Jakarta and conducting depth interview with experts. Analysis is done qualitatively by mapping existing models then come up with a new model related to business resilience of ROE. The results showed that for the business resilience of ROE of Jakarta mapped into 4 quadrants with X axis is market dependency while the Y axis is resilience attributes. The business model of business resiliency of ROE of Jakarta is developed. Through this business resiliency model the strategies of ROE can be used when facing turbulence that occurs.