Creating Appropriate Legal Environment for Technology Transfer by Foreign Investors in Uzbekistan


  • Omonboy Oqyulov, Abdukhalil Tursunov


Uzbekistan has recently got determined that it is going to increase its investment attractiveness and market credentials in the international field. Thus, official Tashkent put its substantial effort to improve legislation in intellectual property protection and technology transfer as well. The article describes the current trend and possible direction of innovative reforms in Uzbekistan, analyzes the legal discrepancies and challenges, which impedes the appropriate introduction of foreign investment and technology transfer into the Republic. Also, the author conducts a comparative study of foreign countries, achieved success in promotion of innovation and research and development, transfer of cutting-edge technologies, as well as considerable application of foreign direct investments. Finally, in conclusion, comprehensive solutions and insights are offered in order to create a favorable and attractive legal environment for technology transfer by foreign investors in Uzbekistan.